Play Area Certified Rubber Mulch and Borders

Clean, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly Playground Surfacing Products

Skinned knees, painful bruises, and other injuries don’t have to be a part of play time when you surround your Rainbow Swing Set with Rubber Mulch Ground Cover from Rainbow Midwest. Additionally, a playground surrounded by rubber mulch cuts down on the time you need to spend mowing or weed trimming the area.

Safe, durable, decorative, and eco-friendly, Rubber Mulch Ground Cover is the #1 surface choice for homes, parks, daycare centers, churches, apartment buildings, and playgrounds across the country.

Rubber Mulch for More Fun, Fewer Injuries

Impact testing reveals that rubber mulch has a superior fall height rating — more than twice that of wood and three times that of playground sand. That means fewer bumps and bruises and greater safety and fun for your kids.

Rubber Mulch Features

Certified — the IPEMA standard is designed to ensure that playground rubber mulch meets the strictest standards for safety and quality control including:

  • Fall Protection
  • Toxicity
  • Lead Content
  • Particle Distribution
  • Tramp Metal Content
  • Sharp Wire Content


    Rubber Mulch Benefits

    • Eco-friendly and made from completely recycled products
    • Attractive and maintains its beauty despite years of exposure to the elements
    • Durable because it’s five times heavier than wood mulch. That means it doesn’t float, absorb water, or break down after heavy rains or flooding
    • Pest-free and unlike other materials, it does not attract termites, carpenter ants, or other insects
    • Cost-effective because it doesn’t have to be replaced like other playground materials that decompose or fade
    • Decorative and available in a variety of colors including, royal blue, forest green, coated black, uncoated black, terra cotta red, and cocoa brown

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    Rubber Mulch Complete Package

    Package includes:

    • 4″ depth of mulch
    • Commercial grade filter fabric
    • Interlocking rubber borders

    Pickup, delivery, or installation available.

    $6 per sq. ft. — In-Store Pickup
    $7 per sq. ft. — Delivery Only
    $8 per sq. ft. — Delivered & Installed

      $15 – $24

      per 40 lb. bag

      Do you only need a few bags of mulch or a large area to cover?

      1–49 bags
      In-store pickup / $100 delivery / $200 delivery & installation

      Choose Options

      50+ bags
      Delivery & installation or In-store pickup options

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      Rubber Borders for a Prettier, Safer, Neater Playground

      Available in heights of 4 or 6 inches and made from 100% recycled rubber, count on our rubber borders for:

      • Aesthetic appeal allowing you to design a unique and attractive play area
      • Flexibility with interlocking borders, making them easy to install
      • Fewer injuries with smooth, splinter-free edges
      • Keeping things tidy by confining mulch within rubber borders so your play area stays neat and clean. They’re also easy to mow up to and around.
      • Cost-effectiveness because they’re a one-time investment that never needs to be replaced


      $55 – $95

      Rubber Mats

      Placed under swings or at the end of slides where loose ground cover may get kicked up, a rubber mat from Rainbow Midwest is an attractive addition or alternative to mulch in high impact areas. Our rubber mats:

      • Keep kids safe with cushioned surface impact tested to a 3′ fall
      • Stay in place with a web bottom for reliable traction and performance
      • Are eco-friendly because they’re made from 100% recycled rubber
      • Can be mowed over without lifting for easy lawn care


      $59 – $284

      Rubber Mulch Safety — Non-Toxic Rubber Mulch

      At Rainbow Midwest, your kids’ safety is our top priority. That’s why it’s critical for us to address any questions or concerns parents may have regarding any alleged health hazards associated with rubber mulch ground cover. As such, we felt it important to share the following facts with concerned parents:

      • Sixty long-term studies conducted by government agencies and top universities unanimously concluded that recycled rubber is safe.
      • State and environmental agencies nationwide continue to promote the use of rubber ground cover on athletic fields.
      • More than any other surface material, recycled rubber has been proven safe and effective at protecting athletes and children from injury.

      For more information, feel free to contact us at 1-800-RAINBOW (1-800-724-6269). We’ll be happy to address any concerns you might have.

      At Rainbow Play Systems, “Safety First” is more than just a motto.

      It’s a commitment from our family to yours. We invite you to visit any of our conveniently located showrooms so you can see that your kids’ happiness, health, and well-being are our first priority.


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