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Wooden Castle Swing Set

We are proud to offer our Castles, which are the most durable freestanding swing sets in the world. With a basis in equilateral triangle design, whether you choose a basic set or customize it with the addition of climbing options or a 360º tire swing, your children and their friends are sure to enjoy their swing set for years to come.

Wooden Castle Swing Set Unique Features

Rainbow Plays Tire Swing
Rainbow Plays Wooden Swingset - Kids playing
Little Boy Playing on Rainbow Wooden Castle Playset
Group of Kids Playing On Rainbow Play Set
Large Group of Children - Playing on Rainbow Plays Wooden Castles
Wooden Castle Swing Set - Rainbow Plays Naperville / Vernon Hills

Our Six Featured Wooden Castles

Our Featured Wooden Castle Swing Set
Large Wooden Castle Swingset from Rainbow Plays
Rainbow Plays Featured Wooden Castle Swingset
Wooden Playsets - Rainbow Plays
Rainbow Plays - Wooden Swingset with Tube slide
Rainbow Plays - Small Tube Wooden Castle Swingset

Clubhouse Swing Set

The Clubhouse Swing Set features symmetrical construction that gives you limitless freedom in terms of the design, allowing you to customize the swing set for a uniqueness that will provide endless fun for your kids and their friends. You can also choose a sandbox base that can be converted into a playhouse or a picnic table.

Clubhouse Swing Set Unique Features

Clubhouse Swing Set - Rainbow Play Systems
Family Sitting At Clubhouse Swing Set - Rainbow Plays
Kids Playing On Clubhouse Swing Set - Rainbow Plays
Child Playing In Clubhouse Play Set
Group Of Children Playing On Clubhouse Play Set
Clubhouse Play Set Features | Rainbow Plays

Our Six Featured Clubhouses

Medium Sized Clubhouse Play Set - Rainbow Plays
Rainbow Plays Clubhouse Play Set In Winter - Naperville & Vernon Hills
Tall Rainbow Plays - Clubhouse Play Set Naperville & Vernon Hills
Rainbow Plays Clubhouse Play Set - Naperville & Vernon Hills
Rainbow Plays - Clubhouse Swingset - Naperville & Vernon Hills
Vernon Hills & Naperville - Rainbow Plays - Clubhouse Swingsets

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Whether you’re looking for a Castle or a Clubhouse Playset, you’ve come to the right place. Rainbow affords you greater flexibility and customization than the options available at big box stores. You can create the Rainbow of your kids’ dreams that will also fit within your budget. Stop into one of our locations and see how much fun we have in store for you with a Rainbow!

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We have hundreds of swing set models and accessories you can pick to create a Rainbow with nearly limitless possibilities. To start designing your dream swing set, click on the link below to our online catalog, where you will find a step-by-step guide showing you how to do it!

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