Rubber Mulch

Impact testing reveals that rubber mulch has a superior fall height rating — more than twice that of wood and three times that of playground sand. That means fewer bumps and bruises and greater safety and fun for your kids.

Our Rubber Mulch is:

  • Eco-friendly and made from completely recycled products
  • Attractive and maintains its beauty despite years of exposure to the elements
  • Durable because it’s five times heavier than wood mulch. That means it doesn’t float, absorb water, or break down after heavy rains or flooding
  • Pest-free and unlike other materials, it does not attract termites, carpenter ants, or other insects
  • Cost-effective because it doesn’t have to be replaced like other playground materials that decompose or fade
  • Decorative and available in a variety of colors including, royal blue, forest green, coated black, uncoated black, terra cotta red, and cocoa brown

Price per 40 lb. bag:
$15 (natural black) / $20 (dyed)

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