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Whether you’re looking for a swing set, trampoline, wooden castle or jungle gym for your backyard, you’ll find it at Rainbow Play Systems Inc. We love making sure kids (and parents!) have everything they need for healthy, active outdoor fun.

We opened our Naperville, IL swing set store in 2001 to accommodate the largest growing communities in Illinois. Whether you have one child or 10 we have the largest selection of swing sets to choose from in the comfort of an indoor showroom.  Small yard or big, flat or sloped, we can build a set to fill your child’s needs and dreams. Our giant showroom also offers Pay to Play so kids can come and enjoy fully assembled Rainbow play sets, and you can even host a party for your child that includes exclusive use of the swing sets and trampolines. Come visit us today!


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127 Ambassador Drive
Naperville, IL 60540

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Castle Series

The Castle series has an open design with extra room for climbing up and down, running around, under, and through for active play.

Clubhouse Series

With upper and lower levels, the Clubhouse series fits well in smaller yards while still providing great opptorunities for imaginative play.


At Rainbow Play Systems, we have high quality trampolines that are built for durability, safety, and, of course, hours and hours of fun! 

Basketball Hoops

The most durable, high-quality adjustable in-ground basketball hoops for the outdoors, with competition-grade performance.

Castle Swing Sets

We are proud to offer our Castles, which are the most durable freestanding swing sets in the world. With a basis in equilateral triangle design, whether you choose a basic set or customize it with the addition of climbing options or a 360º tire swing, your children and their friends are sure to enjoy their swing set for years to come.

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Clubhouse Swing Sets

The Clubhouse Swing Set features symmetrical construction that gives you limitless freedom in terms of the design, allowing you to customize the swing set for a uniqueness that will provide endless fun for your kids and their friends. You can also choose a sandbox base that can be converted into a playhouse or a picnic table.

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Add to the fun in your yard with a great Trampoline.

When you are in the market for a trampoline, it is crucial to go with quality construction and dependable safety features to ensure that nobody is injured while enjoying the fun. At Rainbow Play Systems we have high quality trampolines that are built for durability, safety, and, of course, hours and hours of fun! Stop by one of our locations to see our selection, or learn more by clicking the links below.

Rainbow Play Systems Trampolines